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Thomas E Morris
Thomas E Morris

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LOCATION: Sacramento, CA

BIRTHDATE: 10-19-63

OCCUPATION: Currently disabled




OTHER: When I was about 16 I went to a comic convention in Los Angeles. It was a 3 day convention with 3 theatres shoeing films. One was dedicated to the RHPS. I saw it 12 times in one day, I was just blown away. One look at Riff's costume and the time warp was all it took for me to say, "I can do that."

And so I did.

The photo: Thomas E Morris as Riff (that would be me), Marty Setta as Brad. And Frank is Chris Bettencourt. Though these costumes are amazingly bad (and over 20 years old to boot!), Chris went on to become a costume designer and editor for a cable television station here in Sacramento, CA. Unfortunately he passed away recently without finishing the Ultraman costume I had him working on for me. Pity, there should be a museum dedicated to the work of all the artists who can never again produce.

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