Michael Rosensweig

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At the Las Vegas convention, 2000

BIRTHDATE: 11/7/77

OCCUPATION: Compliance Technition

HOMEPAGE: https://www.angelfire.com/md/elkton/index5.html
(My bio page for the Transexual Misfits)

E-MAIL: Michael.Rosensweig@AIG.com

CAST(s): 3 Casts; The Castle Transylvanians, The Transexual Misfits and The Transylvanian Nipple Productions

RIFF EXPERIENCE: I started in June of 95 as riff and have been playing ever since, 6 years as of 2001

PREV. CAST(S): Tranyslvanian Nipple Productions and Transexual Misfits

OTHER: I have performed Riff in 3 conventions, all the lab scene, one being the 25th anniversary on Sat night. I have also have done an Anniversary show for the Castle Transylvanians, in which Sal Piro and other Rocky Cast notables showed up, it was like a mini-con. I have also done 1 Rocky Palooza 'Lab Scene' and will be doing an upcoming one. I also got to do Riff on New years eve 2000 for the Philly city celebration in which Sal Piro and the Mayor were at. That was my most memorible experience. I call myself the Hardcore Riff, for I will go all out in the part and do stunts that will end up hurting me for the benefit of the fans.

Date added to site: 5/15/01