Tom Schaefer
Tom Schaefer

LOCATION: Burbs of Chicago, IL

BIRTHDATE: 1967 - YES I am old I know




CAST NAME: "The Celluloid Jam" - Milwaukee, WI

RIFF EXPERIENCE: From '86 to '91 (On Cast from '84 to '91)

PREV. CAST(S): Guest Performed for casts in Madison, WI, Greenfield WI, Once at the "Excalibur" night club in Chicago, U of I in Normal, IL.

OTHER: Won "Best Space Riff" at the 15th anniversary con in LA in 1990. Have Picture in first "Creatures of the Night" book. "Editor" and "Creator" of "The Master's Affair" - one of only 2 fanzines ever given Richard O'Brian's Seal of Approval (Published from 86 to 90). MAJOR collector of RH memorabilia (Audio And Video strong points). Have had artwork in several issues of "Shop Talk," The other Approved Fanzine (did LAST cover). Was Fan of the month on the OFFICIAL Rocky Horror Site.